360 Feedback




Our 360° feedback tool is like no other. Our unique focus on both existing and aspirational behaviours provides a great platform to assess gaps from multiple perspectives.

As with our self-report products, our 360 is based around a series of opposing psychological choices but our combination of these with third-party perspectives allows us to approach the 360 concept in a unique and innovative manner. Consider these three very different perspectives:

  1. How I am versus how I would like to be..
  2. How I think my boss/colleagues/reports think I am versus how I think they would like me to be..
  3. What your boss/colleagues/reports actually think you are versus what they would like you to be..

These are graphically presented as follows:

The 'what I think people think of me' perspective is tremendously powerful. There can be very large differences between this and the actual feedback provided during this 360° process!

To really get an understanding of our approach, please download a sample report from the resources section above. You will see that we have included an individual self-report at the end which is valuable in itself.

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